Nibris site opens

Nibris site opens

Nibris has now put up an official website with some details (albeit, still sparse) on their game/supposed game Sadness. It's at:

The site claims Sadness will come out during Fall 2009, and that a trailer is coming soon. Three small screenshots are also up on there.

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Link Q said:

W000t I love that game. I hope it comes out as soon as possible.


Sonic Phantom said:

I'm not really getting this game. It just doesn't look that interesting to me.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Ha ha! Yay, I hope this beats Resident EVil 5's ass, seriously leaving Resident Evil 5 off Wii was cold Capcom, very cold.


wiimaster said:

I can't wait for sadness.


Senpai said:

Well diddy kong lover, considering RE5 is no longer a shinji mikami game, I wouldn't get it anyways. Capcom has officially ruined RE. On the other hand, this game never seems to lose its awesome, and I think that nibris is doing great by keeping it secret. The less we know, the less we will miss it, and the more pleased we will be when we get updates like this one.

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