Ninjabread Man takes another bite

Ninjabread Man takes another bite

Already seeking the next challenge, ceremony means nothing to him. The fight is everything. Who? Ninjabread Man, sadly. He's coming back for another game. And this time it's... glycerol.

Even though the first one was terrible, Data Design Interactive are intent on releasing a sequel called Ninjabread Man: Blades of Fury. As the story goes, NBM's girlfriend Treacle Tart has been kidnapped by the evil Emperor Sly Fox. So he sets off for a rescue.

Ninjabread Man is clearly a character with some charm and potential, but with Data Design at the helm, don't get excited. No release date is currently known.

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shadow said:

The 1st one was possibly the worst game on the Wii or any system period.


Wiipaw said:

Nice street fighter reference.


Master Foot said:

OH YEAH BABY! I've pre ordered mine already. First in line for mine biatches.


BrAwL said:

Oh my god. What is with these developers thinking they will get so much profit out of.. a gingerbread man.


ToTaLgAmEr said:

I didn't know that the first one was already out, but now I don't want it because it sounds bad.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Couldn't be worse than a Jaguar game or E.T or Aquaman or Superman 64. Nothing could be worse, so could have some hope of being acceptable.


wii mii said:

It actually annoys me that some people get the chance to create a game and then come up with something like this. I could do so much better! Arrrrrr.


Nintendoof said:

I forgot the first one came out.


TruBlu said:

Sly Fox. Isn't that copy-right protected? By.. Sony?


Goombaka said:

Why didn't Nintendo revoke these clowns' license? I played the first one (a friend got it as a gift) and it was painful. This announcement makes me want to turn to vigilante justice. Anyone know where Data Design is?


woopyfrood said:

They better get this one right. NinjaBread Man could kick TOTAL ass if he was done right.


luigifan said:

Why make a second version? The game sucks anyway. RETARTED DATA DESIGN INTERACTIVE.

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Kool Koopa Troopa said:

Since when did Ninjabread Man get a girlfriend?

3 years ago

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