Nintendo Download - Nov 29th (US)

Nintendo Download - Nov 29th (US)


Fans of old-school games should be happy today as Pac-Man eats his way onto the 3DS Virtual Console.

Then there's Yoot Saito's airport strategy game Aero Porter on eShop (see the trailer and press release below).

Renowned Japanese video game company LEVEL-5, best known for their critically acclaimed Professor Layton video game series, have released airport-simulator and puzzle game, AERO PORTER, in both North America and Europe via the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS for $4.99 USD and 4.99 € / £4.49 respectively (please check the Nintendo eShop for pricing in other available countries).

In addition, LEVEL-5, also announced that the Company will release CRIMSON SHROUD, the third title from GUILD01, the previously released Japan-only multi-game pack, on December 13 in both North America and Europe.

AERO PORTER was created by legendary game creator Yoot Saito, the father of some of Japan's most innovative titles, including Seaman, The Tower, and Odama. AERO PORTER continues this fantastical design vision, delivering an unconventional game that simply has to be played to be understood. Through fun and approachable puzzle-based gameplay, time challenges, and simulation elements, AERO PORTER is welcoming to both new players and hardcore veterans as they overcome the challenges of running a modern day airport, from organizing luggage to scheduling flights to creating their own aeronautic masterpieces.

"LEVEL-5 is proud to bring a refreshingly different and exciting game experience from one of Japan's most revolutionary designers to the gamers of North America and Europe. AERO PORTER further validates our belief that by empowering the world's best game designers with creative freedom, we can produce top quality experiences, whether for console, handheld or any other platform. AERO PORTER is a fun and distinctive title that refuses to conform to any single category while its combination of simple concepts and complex gameplay will appeal to all 3DS owners, young and old." - Akihiro Hino, President of LEVEL-5

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PHiRE said:

Nothing for me this week, I guess I'll spend all my money on Wii U stuff.

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