Nintendo distributing Europe's RE games

Nintendo distributing Europe's RE games

In a press release earlier, Nintendo of Europe announced they would be responsible for distribution of both the Wii's upcoming Resident Evil games in the region. Dates were mentioned.

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um said:

Cool I will be buying those games.


DJames said:

Well I don't see any good or bad in that. Just put the release date for EVERY place it comes out in, not just the US.

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PHiRE said:

These are Europe's dates, not US.


Aussie said:

Do ya reckon these will be the same dates as the Australian releases? It usually is I'm pretty sure.


Gonzo said:

I'm waiting for the US release dates! So, they're coming out with both. I thought they were only making Umbrella Chronicles.


Elementrat said:

Too bad they are rated Mature. I can't buy them. Stupid Jack Thompson!

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