No More Heroes Desperate Struggle

No More Heroes Desperate Struggle

An E3 trailer for No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle has been put on YouTube. Travis Touchdown and Sylvia both make a comeback, along with a host of new characters driven by a revenge-fueled storyline.

There's also an indication that NMH:DS will support MotionPlus, which would make sense for the combat aspects. This time around, Travis has the ability to wield two Katana beams at once. The game is still on track for a 2010 release.

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ToTaLgAmEr said:

HOLY F-ING CRAP! That looks epic! I can't wait. But I wouldn't think that they would use that at E3 because of the swearing at the end. Oh well.


Gerardo Perez said:

I think the first one was very funny, both in gameplay and in mood. For what I see, this one seems to be more story-driven; wish for it.


YoshLee said:

Sweet, two katanas, twice the fun! Touchdown is back.


Perfect Gun said:

Yes I love this game.


Chipz said:

Looks sweet. I'ma definitely give this a try.

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