No More Heroes 2 details

No More Heroes 2 details

Some new info on No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle has arisen from the TGS press event and various interviews with the game's creator, Suda51.

First off, the development team from the original No More Heroes are in place to work on the sequel too. Publishers in the US will not remain the same however, with Ubisoft being ditched in favor of a co-publishing deal between Marvelous and Xseed Games. Rising Star will again handle publishing in Europe.

NMH:DS will be exclusive to the Nintendo Wii. Suda51 considered the Xbox 360 as a potential platform but felt the motion controls of the Wii were a better fit:

"We don't have plans for an Xbox 360 No More Heroes. There is nothing of that sort scheduled in our development cycle. There is still room for the Wii's graphics to get better and better".

The developers Grasshopper don't often work on sequels, but the team were keen to do another game featuring Travis Touchdown, the lead character. Details on the storyline are scarce, but Travis is motivated by revenge this time out, and will be taking his fighting more seriously.

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gordi said:

Yes. NMH:DS FTW. I loved the first game and felt angry when I heard rumors that there would be a sequel, but for the 360 so now I am a very happy man. One of my personal favorites.


Nintendoof said:

Yay. No 360. Wii all the way.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Sa'weet Grasshopper is pro Big N.


wiiboy101 said:

Can Wii have Wii graphics this time, no ps1 jaggies and pop up please, and a filled out interactive world. I just couldn't get into no more heroes, the jaggies are the worst I've ever seen in a video game. It's like suda wanted them there as a retro throwback. I just hated seeing every single edge in the game look like a staircase, it was no match for wind waker.


samthespark said:

Exactly, the Wii is capable of going 360.


Third3ye said:

This basically says it all. Game developers have been neglecting the cute little Wii platform in favour of pure quantity (polygons that is), but we the fans demand quality! Though I haven't played this game yet *runs out to buy it*.

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