No More Heroes 2 announced

No More Heroes 2 announced

In some surprisingly good news for fans of Suda51, a sequel to No More Heroes has been announced - No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle.

The teaser trailer below is all that's been revealed at this stage, leading to speculation that it could be on a different platform. Note that "Desperate Struggle" could potentially mean it's DS game.

*UPDATE* - It's now been confirmed as a Wii title via a PDF file on Marvelous' website.

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ToTaLgAmEr said:

This better be for the Wii, I loved the first one.

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Dave said:

No More Heroes is the best game ever.


robotninjapirate said:



Diddy Kong Lover said:

An M rated game rising above the mediocrity, that game was badass.


Nintendoof said:



Monkeylemur said:

This will be the next best 3rd party Wii game. The end. End of story. Fin. El fin. La fin. Los fin. Las fin. Muchacha. Burro. Etc.

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