Nyamyam developers considering Wii U

Nyamyam developers considering Wii U

The folding world of Tengami

Nyamyam are a games company ran by two former RARE employees. They're currently working on a project called Tengami, which is a story-based game with an interesting mechanic that revolves around pop-up pages - like those found in children's books.

Reading Yamyam's Twitter feed, they're thinking about bringing Tengami onto the Wii U's eShop:

"Chatted with Nintendo Europe today. Really excited about Nintendo's plans for the digital Wii U store. Very indie/small dev friendly. Would you like to see Tengami on the Wii U?" - @nyamyamgames

"Quite excited by the idea to work with the Wii U. But with only 3 people we need to consider every commitment carefully." - @nyamyamgames

Tengami's initial platforms will be the PC, Mac and iOS. Here's a teaser video:

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