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So the wet dreams of Okami fans worldwide have come true: Capcom are working on a direct sequel, something we never expected to see. This time around though, it's on the handheld Nintendo DS.

Okamiden takes place three months after the first game, with a young wolf cub as the protagonist.. Chibiterasu. Here's a trailer:

Impressive? The DS stylus seems a good fit for handling the celestial brush, which also makes a return.

Okamiden is said to hit Japan in 2010, no further release details are known.

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YoshLee said:

Let's hope this game doesn't get underlooked by the short narrow minded gamers of this generation like the last Okami was.


Wii Cloud said:

Wow. I'll admit that, YoshLee. I was one of them. But this game looks worth getting.


YoshLee said:

Wii Cloud: Lol I didn't really give a second thought about the first game when I first saw it either but regretted doing so knowing I could've got it much earlier if I looked into it.


Okami is Awesome said:

I'm SO disappointed that Okamiden isn't for Wii .*sigh*.

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