Published by Capcom, Developed by Clover

Genres: Adventure (1 players)

US release date: Apr 15th, 2008 | EU release date: Jun 13th, 2008





It's not very often that people are given second chances. The first iteration of Okami, no matter how well-received by the media and critics, just didn't sell well enough on PS2 to warrant a sequel. When Clover (Okami's original developer and legendary Capcom studio) was closed,...read full review

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User comments


Mr Friend said:

I've been looking for an excuse to buy another copy of Okami after my PS2 one was stolen. Here it is.


TruBlu said:

I'm so glad I held off on buying Okami for the PS2.


Tennindo said:

Nice. Reminds me of Zelda: Twilight Princess because you're playing as a wolf/dog.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Wow it looks fun.


Randolph the Grey said:

I hear people all of the time comparing Okami to Zelda. I've played through most of the game and never had a Zelda vibe. It's completely different. Just because you're in a deep fantasy world exploring dungeons doesn't make you Zelda or a Zelda wannabe. This game is beautiful and better than most any third party title you can find. It is worth every penny, and I'll be buying it for Wii on the day it comes out.


kool said:

Quite possibly the best ps2 game, and thank god for the talk skipping.


Wiipaw said:

Every screenshot makes me think of out of tune violins playing. I wonder why?


Zendalf said:

Screens are gorgeous, and randolf, I think it's mostly because you are playing as a wolf that people would relate it to Zelda: TP. But this game looks pretty sweet.


UgliestRose said:

Best game ever! Took me 42 hours to beat it, and now I need another game to play, but I'm afraid I won't stop being like 'This isn't as good as Okami'. Needs a second one.

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