Wii-itis rife in the UK

Wii-itis rife in the UK

British doctors are reporting record numbers of patients stricken down with the debilitating Wii-itis. This phenomenon is affecting at least 10 people each week. Common complaints include sore shoulders or knees after sessions with Wii Fit or Wii Sports.

Broomfield Hospital's Dev Mukerjee commented:

"There has been a 100% increase in patients complaining of Wii-itis. I've seen many patients aged between 8 and 13, I've also seen adults. It is possible that Wii-itis may lead to rheumatism and arthritis in later life, patients often have inflammation of the shoulder or wrist. People who are double-jointed are most likely to suffer from Wii-knee, and in extreme cases the kneecap can be dislocated or can even pop out".

If your kneecap has popped out, you might want to try a different technique in my medical opinion. Physicians are recommending that people stretch before getting their exercise on.

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User comments


Jared said:

Is this a joke?


Wii Rox said:

Hmm, now Wii has a disease named after it, cool (Wii knee).


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Those fools clearly played the wrong games, Super Mario Galaxy hardly requires any real movement, Brawl requires practically none and yeah.


Brawler 200 said:

You've got to be kidding me.


Jonny said:

It sounds like a joke to me. But honestly, even if true, people should stretch before exercising. It's just common sense.


monkeylemur said:

My friend is suffering from a Wii height, can somebody please stretch him to a decent height?


noneyaBswax said:

I am suffering from Wii Wii, it means since I ate that bowl of Wii'os this morning I been stuck with my almost dead laptop taking a pee inside of my bathroom. Did I mention I have a pet elephant, he did his stuff just before I got in here this morning. Jk people I think. ^o^.


wii cloud9 said:

Lmao, enough with the jokes, WW.


YoshLee said:

I heard something like this from a friend of mine but meh he likes Sony and tends to make up a lot of negative stuff about the Wii so this has to be a joke. Right?


doglover said:

Sometimes I am sore after playing Wii Boxing.

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