Mama takes flack from PETA

Mama takes flack from PETA

Animal rights organization PETA has taken objection to the Cooking Mama series of games available on Nintendo platforms. They feel that more vegetarian recipes should be included, or even an entire game could be dedicated to the cause.

This has resulted in PETA creating a spoof mini-game based in Flash. It can be 'played' on their website.

Poor mama, does she deserve to be portrayed in such a negative light?

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Step said:

I hadn't played Cooking Mama, so the flash game was.. enlightening. It was at turns funny and disgusting. I got to say, the tofu turkey didn't do a whole lot to convince me. Not that I'm a particularly bloody person, but PETA has a (very obvious) agenda that in my view diminishes rather than supports their desired changes.


YoshLee said:

Oh my god this is just plain stupid. I hate animal cruelty as much as the next person (even though I love eating meat) but this is just going to annoy Cooking Mama fans, what does PETA think this will accomplish.


KF&W said:

Lols. That was hilarious. I guess. I guess what PETA is doing is to "humor" people, then show them depressing facts. Meh.


Jonny said:

PETA's main goal is to troll as many people as humanly possible while targeting the wrong group while pissing off everyone at the same time. Instead of annoying us, why not instead focus on the people doing the "animal torture" you complain about?


Gerardo said:

As much as I consider both PETA and animal cruelty to be equally insensible phenomenons, I have to admit that a chibi-mom in hunting animals in a bloody-killing spree doesn't differ much from many games out there. It can actually be better than many game concepts in the market.


Darkrai said:

This is stupid.


Smash Champion said:

Exactly what I was thinking.


Aeth said:

Good god. I swear that they should change PETA's status as an "rights group" to a cult, because that is exactly what it is (a cult). Everyone, please ignore PETA like you ignore that old man down the block who locked himself in his own house and yells at people that walk by.


Mr Friend said:

That flash game had pretty decent production value. It makes me want to try the real game. Mission accomplished?


Master Foot said:

Hey PETA, how about we discuss this over some Beef Wellington.


Vive la Ouii said:

Now that game should be rated R, for Retarded.


Monkeylemur said:

PETA probably stole that flash from a famous flash artist anyways. On the flip side, that game looks fun. Not.


Ian C said:

Wow this is both disturbing and stupid, Cooking Mama isn't evil! XP.

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Nova said:

Seeing as I AM a vegetarian already, I don't feel like I need to be told that I should be one. Plus how would digital food convince the player to eat it.

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james said:

Wow. I think that backfired. As a recovering vegetarian I have a problem with organizations who say "this is how I see the world, so should you". It's entertaining but trying to show a family oriented character in the role of a "vicious killer", well I start tuning the cause out. Too bad for them.


SkullHydra said:

I can't believe that liking to cook now makes you a heartless murderer. Good job PETA.


Meda said:

Cooking Mama is a very fun game. Shame on PETA for this crap.


Monkeylemur said:

Ah wait, here's an interesting fact: ingredients to make tofu is full of pesticides.


jill said:

This is such a funny video game.


Wii Rox said:

That's cooking mama LUIGI to you.


It's me, the Wii said:

I played this, and ICK I felt like, well disgusted.

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