Peter Molyneux: "Never Underestimate Nintendo"

Peter Molyneux:

According to acclaimed Fable creator Peter Molyneux, the games industry should "never underestimate Nintendo."

Telling IGN that the company "may have lost their way," but they "are super smart people." He made his statement while also somewhat criticizing the Wii U, stating that it is not "a sexy piece of hardware."

It looks like the Fable creator and current creative director at developer 22cans is on board with Nintendo as a whole. Could we see a Nintendo version of his upcoming god game, Godus? Probably not but it's fun to imagine.

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Tyler Berry

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danfango said:

I might suggest that Molyneux has lost his way as well. Fable: The Journey?

6 years ago

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Tyler Berry said:

I'd have to agree with you. I'm hoping Godus isn't a mess like that game was.

6 years ago

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