Phoenix Wright WiiWare press release

Phoenix Wright WiiWare press release

Capcom has put out a press release talking about three Phoenix Wright games coming to WiiWare next year. Rumor has it they will cost 1,200 points apiece.

Capcom, the leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today announced that three classic Ace Attorney games are scheduled for release on Nintendo's WiiWare download service early next year. It kicks off with the one that started it all, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, followed by Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice For All, and Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations.

Phoenix Wright's massive popularity and appeal in Japan has caught on in the West and the franchise has now sold over 3.7 million units globally. For the first time ever, this beloved handheld series is making the leap to a home console, giving gamers access to three adventures from the comfort of their own living rooms. Fans and newcomers alike will have a chance to star as the most popular defense attorney in video games, Phoenix Wright ? a man driven by his principles and an ability to separate fact from dubious fiction. Each game in the series presents twisting storylines and intriguing gameplay with a comical anime style. Players must collect evidence, weed through inconsistent testimonies and overcome corrupt agendas to ensure that justice prevails! These games can be played via single-player and have multiple save slots.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (Episode 1 through 4) is the first release and is scheduled to hit in early 2010. The story kicks off with Phoenix Wright defending his childhood friend Larry Butz from a murder charge. But this is only the beginning drama for the tenacious legal eagle as Wright faces unexpected tragedies that will test the limits of his incredible deductive prowess. Later, owners of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney will be able to download the bonus episode that appeared in the original Nintendo DS version of the game.

Spring 2010 will see Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice For All arrive. Phoenix Wright has six months experience and five court victories under his belt. But none of that will do him any good against the ruthless new D.A. in town. Franziska von Karma wants revenge and she's ready to whip Phoenix down at any cost.

Following this, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations will be next in line for download from the service. Phoenix will face the toughest prosecutor yet as the mysterious hard-boiled Godot is gunning for him with extreme prejudice. Get ready for the most intense courtroom standoffs of Phoenix's career.

Some mixed quality screenshots can be seen on the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney page.

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LegatoSkyheart said:

Oh my god. They are re-releasing phoenix wright ds games for the Wii? Wii points for Christmas.


Monkeylemur said:

Sweet, though it's kind of a port, I haven't played TaT so. It's quite a bargain.


Phoenix Wright said:

Wow, my games on WiiWare? AWESOME. Also... OBJECTION.

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