Pikachu's Brawl moves

Pikachu's Brawl moves

Yes, Pikachu's electric, it's in a family full of eccentrics, and it's done things I never expected. Today we're looking at Pikachu's special moves in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

The first time you use the side special attack you'll hit with a big damage rating of 20%. Consequent uses will gradually get weaker though.

Oh god, anywhere but there!

Up special move: Quick Attack
Using the quick attack you can do two jumps in a row. They have to be in opposite directions though, so you'll make a zig-zag pattern through the air.

Lil privacy please?

Man, no more curries for me.

Uh-oh. Halp!

When will it end?

Down special move: Thunder
This looks more like lightning to me, but anyway. Enemies directly above will get zapped. If you can get Pikachu touching them at the same time the attack is boosted even more.

Why you lil!

This isn't good for my pacemaker.

Yoshi's seen it all before.

Step into the light, boy.

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Hyrule said:

I lol'd hard at the 2nd caption.


ToTaLgAmEr said:

Ya me too at the second one. Nothing we didn't already know though.

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wii nerd said:

Where's the samus' special move update.


pichu fan said:

Hey did anyone notice in the samus moves update they show her using the super missile, but right there who was that guy flying in the air? I wish they would have shown both updates so I can show you what I'm talking about.


insultman911 said:



Diddy Kong Lover said:

It's all really good but weren't Samus' moves introduced too?


Master Foot said:

Yuck, Pikachu poop! Come to think of it, do Pokemon ever go to the can?


Ian C said:

Heh heh the 2nd caption O_o.


Nintendoof said:

Hi-Larious captions.

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Nova said:

I'm wondering why wario is in the exact same position on all three photos he's in.


Jinchuuriki 88 said:

Lol, pacemaker. I just played TC New Blood.


WiiWorldRules said:

The first wasn't bad either.


#1 Peach Fan said:

The second caption is so funny.


pro pikachu man said:

Pikachu is amazingly overpowered in brawl. He can use headbutt (A) like twice a second by holding the button down. Almost all of his moves (side smash, side special, down smash, up smash). side smash into the fight, side special, down smash, thunder, and then headbutt them against the wall about 600 times.

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