Planet Pachinko on Monday?

Planet Pachinko on Monday?

A development studio called Allied Kingdoms claims their game Planet Pachinko is coming to WiiWare on Monday, January 12th.

The game pachinko is hot in Japan. Players gather in "pachinko parlors" to play for prizes on these machines, which are a cross between pinball and slots. Comical excerpt from Wikipedia on player etiquette:

"Next, it is taboo to ever touch another player's balls".

Back on topic, Planet Pachinko actually seems more like an action platform game, a frantic one at that - check out this gameplay video:

Don't ask me what's going on there. Screenshots are now up.

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Nova said:

I can't imagine what that looks like on a big screen.


monkeylemur said:

Hurray, more gambling to keep the children busy.


Thug L1f3 said:

I like the music, it reminds me of megaman.

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