Pokepark coming to Wii

Pokepark coming to Wii

Pikachu and his pokepals will be coming to Wii in another spin-off title, supposedly called Pokepark.

Players take direct control of Pikachu in this one, guiding him/her/it through a series of mini-games like battles, tags and quizzes.

Pokepark is penned for a December 5th release in Japan, costing 4,800 Yen.

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Superdodo said:

A new direction for Pokemon is the way to go.


Darunia said:

Nice! I've always wanted Pokemon to try a game where it's not turn based. I'll totally get this.

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Lay-Z Boy said:

I might get this.

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Nova said:

This kind of destroys what I like about pokemon, just like hey you pikachu did. I am very comfortable with the depth of actual pokemon games. Pass.


Joe Mama said:

Sweet! For some reason I had a dream that a Pokemon game like this would come out.


Joe Mama said:

Dude sometimes games need to start a new fresh style of fighting and besides don't knock it until you try it.


Wii Cloud said:

Agreed w/Joe Mama. I'll try it out.


ronan said:

Will it come out in north america.


anomanys said:

Hey it's not an rpg! Awesome.


jolteon said:

I saw a video on youtube and it looks awesome.

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