Pro Evolution Soccer 7 Wii

Pro Evolution Soccer 7 Wii

The latest issue of French gaming magazine "Jeux Video" reports that Pro Evolution Soccer 7 is coming to Wii.

Pro Evo is known as the best soccer series of recent years, with FIFA following closely behind. Both PES7 and FIFA 2008 are likely to hit the Wii before the end of the year.

Nothing is known about the control schemes they will use, getting it wrong could prove to be a disaster.

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Zendalf said:

I like the fifa series a lot more, it's like comparing a cfl game to the madden series.


wiiboy101 said:

Getting it right could prove amazing. About time, I was gutted they didn't appear on gamecube, as the gamecube version that did appear in japan was better in every way over the buggy ps2. To polish it all off gamecube's sweet analog sticks are perfect for pro evo. Pro evo iss sweetness with clever wiimote / nunchuck would simply rock. Imagine shimmies, point and pass, real time ball bending, real time manager interaction and all manner of clever gimmicks.


Link Q said:

The things in the feet might exist and this is good!


Chanus said:

I love soccer.


outlander said:

Yes, the Wii's library continues growing and growing.

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James said:

Not bad!


tabsina said:

I can't see this working if it focuses on motion too much. I reckon they should stick with a button interface and leave waggling for special things, off the top of my head, something like tackling.


Franksy said:

PES is so much better than Fifa.


zid said:

Fifa sucks. Pro evo 7 will easily beat it now it will be more licensed.


Djstyler said:

I'm the pro evo King! Get me!


malone said:

That's good if both come out. I'd get both even though I'm a pro evo fan.

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jamie said:

I'm a pes fan and this is good news.


paul said:

Pro has by far the best game engine but fifa has superior graphics and more licenses and is a lot more arcade style run around 11 men and score sort of thing. Pro definitely is more like real footie.


tantos said:

It would be cool if they made some sort of strap so you could put the remote on your foot. So you could pass and shoot with your feet. That would rock.


tim makinson said:

When is pro evo 7 released for the Wii? It would be good to know when.


ZERO said:

I want to know why pro is never licensed but still love the game.


ottoman said:

Good news, have you seen the controls for fifa? Disgusting.


jko said:

Yea pro evo is the best football game in the world no doubt, but I hope it comes for the Wii because that would be good.


Davvo said:

I don't personally care who gets it right - EA or Konami. I just say that it's about time we had a decent footy game on the Wii (sorry Mario but I don't consider your game Football).


PapaSmurf said:

PES has always been a huge let down on every platform, decent gameplay but a football game without real teams or leagues is worth jack to any self respecting individual with a true love of the game. I just hope Fifa 2008 don't slack off improving the graphics in favour of those exceptionally crap 'Mii games'.


wiilover said:

Hopefully pro 7 will come to Wii.


Shmoo said:

Anyone know when PES will be out for the Wii?


twop said:

Are you kidding zendalf? FIFA is good if you're 7. The only thing it has over pro evo is better licensing.

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