Project O titled King Story

Project O titled King Story

A few months back there was talk about a Japanese dream team of developers coming together to make a game. It was mysteriously given a codename of Project O. Now they've spilled the beans to a Japanese magazine, the game is actually called King Story.

An RPG with strong simulation elements, you take control of the king, running your kingdom as you see fit. Around the towns beasts roam, you need to take them on with up to 10 characters in your group. A few scans of in-game action are available:

Looking good, cows.

Knock knock, angry mob.


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Wii decimates all said:

I think the dragon is going to pwn some people,.


asparaWIIgus said:

The people are BURNINATED.


WolfKolf said:

Wow! This sounds cool. Hope they send it over to the States.


Scooby Jew said:

Whoa, nice. It reminds me a lot of Black and White for some reason. Looks like an awesome game so far though.


jskrdude said:

Looks kind of like Pikmin meets Stronghold.


Wiimaster said:

Looking forward to this.


Bonbonjoe said:

Lolz@ Asparawiigus. In Kings story, people be gettin' burninated by TROGDOOOORRRRR.


Ferox said:

Reminds me of actraiser maybe. I love the whole rpg/simulation setup.


Senpai said:

Because trogdor does burninate the countryside.


kareshi is black said:

They're having bbq in the last image.


DragonFoxCoon said:

So it's like Pikmin, only without the kamikazi aliens?


happyskills said:

And the trogdor comes in the niiiiight.


cmk said:

Army of darkness reference! I'm happy.


F Zero X said:

Lawlz at trogdor.


random person said:

Why is a guy climbing on top of the mighty burninator trogdor.


snes fanatic said:

It does remind me a bit of Pikmin. But also King's Quest from SNES where you had a bunch of knights with different abilities. Coincidence? I think you had 10 knights there as well.

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