Rabbids Rumble 3DS debut trailer

Rabbids Rumble 3DS debut trailer

Let's get ready to rumble

We haven't seen the back of those pesky rabbids yet - they're hitting the 3DS screen on November 13th, in Rabbids Rumble.

Rabbids Rumble has you collecting over a 100 crazy rabbids, each with their own zany combat skills. Other features include battling against friends 1v1, sharing scores and rabbids through Street Pass, completing your collection with rare rabbids every week on Spot Pass, and .... Augmented Rabbidity mini-games.

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PHiRE said:

These rabbids have enjoyed way more longevity than I thought possible. Good luck to them, though.

1 decade ago

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rasengan91 said:

we keep seeing these games because ubisoft can churn them out so fast.

1 decade ago

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