Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles boxart

Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles boxart

The official blog of Capcom has revealed the box art for Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles on Wii.

This cover features Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Steve Burnside (CODE Veronica) and a MYSTERY character shrouded in shadow.

Any clue who it is? No idea here. It might require some thinking outside the box (haa).

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wiiboy101 said:

Yes looking nice, now I await the on rails developer holds my hand and takes mii through the game as I'm a Wii owner and a analog stick frightens mii (in a publishers fantasy world).


Perfect Gun said:

I wonder who's the MYSTERY PERSON, maybe Chris Redfield or somebody new.


Seiya said:

Why the hell would it be Chris? Have you played the original RE Code Veronica? Oh wait, of course you didn't. Obviously everyone who has played it knows that the mystery person isn't Chris. There's no reason to hide him when everyone knows he shows up later in the game. And it can't be Wesker for the same reason as Chris. A lot of people are speculating it's Krauser, and it makes sense. Heard this game is going to have a little Sudamerica mission. So Krauser fits the bill here.


Perfect Gun said:

Well am sorry and yes I have played every RE game and hell why would it be Krauser.


jleev said:

Check this like out on youtube: Krauser Confirmed- Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles.

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