RE4 will NOT be censored

RE4 will NOT be censored

Rumors have been flying around that the Wii edition of Resident Evil 4 will be censored.

This is only the case for the Japanese version, where the original was also censored. Everywhere else will receive the usual treatment. Capcom have even confirmed that nothing will change.

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Scooby Jew said:

Yeah. Eat THAT Japan! Shows you to get all those consoles before us and stuff (I'm kidding).


Master Foot said:

Censoring RE4 Wii edition would be the most idiotic thing that Nintendo could do. Just when Nintendo was about to shed its "kid-friendly" image this rumor had to pop up. Nintendo can use all the friend codes and censoring it wants, if kids want to find adult content, they will find a way. Bad parenting is to blame. I hate when Nintendo keeps trying to satisfy these politically correct pansies. One more thing. DOG HOUSE!


Chaos said:

Why are Japan of all countries getting one of the best games ever censored? I know the CERO have a policy on violent decapitation but look at a few Japanese animes. Now they're violent!


Ferox said:

A good start. The Wii has to be for ALL ages and types of gamers, and parents need to know what games their kids are playing.


Splintercell4ever said:

Remember Duke Nukem 64. Case closed.


Gonzo said:

Thank god I'm in America. Censored would be wack.


Yoshi-1up said:

Goomba got pwned.


wii rox said:

Yeah, Ubisoft REALLY messed things up with Rival Swords- $50 price AND censoring. Thank goodness Capcom is being wise.


Zendalf said:

Dog house. What is that supposed to mean.


Want said:

Yeah, what does "dog house" mean, anyway?


Wii and KH said:

Poor Goomba.


hbh said:

It's not Nintendo's fault that people try to find violent/vulgar things, it's not like they would lose a lawsuit over it.

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