Red Steel 2 kind of announced

Red Steel 2 kind of announced

French gaming site inpactvirtuel are reporting that publishers Ubisoft announced a sequel to Red Steel at the recent IDEF expo in Cannes.

Ubisoft have since denied any knowledge of the announcement. However, if it's true you can expect an online mode, "new innovations" and many of the gameplay flaws to be ironed out.

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^ ^ said:

You used tila tequila for the picture.


eric ♥ wii said:

That part (about ironing out the glitches) would be a great idea. The first one SUCKED!


wiimaster said:

Hot japanese girl + online!


BrothaZ said:

Hmm me be diggin that pic. Why didn't anyone like red steel? It was fun.


Hey said:

Oooh, nice picture.


Scooby Jew said:



Amazon Kevin said:

Nice pic. Too bad that isn't in the game.


bullets said:

And please use all graphic power of the Wii, please.


me said:

She's hot.


Senpau said:

Oh my god that would be BADASS. The first one apparently had a ton of glitches (I ran into one aiming glitch, that's it) but I LOVED it, and online mode? Dude one of the best things of that game was the multiplayer.


Franksy said:

The 1st game was almighty! Another game to my games list.


wii pwns PS3 said:

I've never been in a glitch. Why can't I ENLARGE THE PICTURE!?

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