Red Steel 2 wallpapers

Red Steel 2 wallpapers

To celebrate the festive season, Ubisoft has released some wallpapers and avatars promoting peace and good will to all men, and Red Steel 2.

Red Steel 2 wallpapers

Red Steel 2 avatars

One of the more exciting Wii games to look forward to next year?

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YoshLee said:

Ok it's still questionable whether or not Red Steel 2 will be bad like the previous one, but it at the very least has an awesome art style.


WeAreTheFez said:

Ubisoft does a good job of improving their sequels. This will definitely be good.

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Nova said:

From what we've seen at E3, it should be pretty good. Swordplay looks to be much improved especially since the Wii motion plus'll be used.

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