Red Steel load times and swordplay

Red Steel load times and swordplay

In a recent interview developers of the much hyped title Red Steel gave some extra details on the gameplay. First up they stated that the game would have no loading times at all due to clever streaming techniques.

Also the control mechanism has received a complete overhaul, now any movement with the wiimote is matched exactly by the sword on screen. Sensitivity settings can be changed to suit the player.

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chris said:

Good to know.


Darunia106 said:

Must contain excitement.


Spex said:

*sigh* a beautiful sigh of relief. Now that I'm done taking that shit from excitement, I can tell you that the controls were definitely revised after many MANY begging gamers came crying to the developers asking for it. As for the no loading times, that's something I didn't expect at all but is a wounderful bit of news. Looks like Red Steel is starting to bring its way back to the top of my Wii "must have" list (which currently has pretty much every Wii game on it).


quartzlcc said:

Wow, that's cool. No loading times, I've seen that in a few others. Probably the same technique - loading stuff that's a certain length ahead of where you are. A very cool way of loading.


tabsina said:

This is too good to be true.


Orpheon said:

This is excellent news if it is official. The only reason why I have doubts about the integrity of this is because if they had changed the control mechanisms, wouldn't it have been appropriate to show it to the public at GC? Nonetheless, it's the news everyone wants.


Uforia77 said:

Yeah, no surprise. Nintendo have always had much better loading times than Playstation (I hate that word).


ganondorfrules said:

Another dream come true, now Red Steel has moved up 1 on my "to get" list.


milkman844 said:

Red Steel is second only to LoZ:TP on my game list.


Pyro said:

This is really awesome. However, no loading times? That's just too advanced to be true for this day and age. Then again, maybe not!

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PHiRE said:

I'm guessing there will be a load time when you first start the game but then nothing after that. They did the same thing in Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, but the streaming was kinda obvious. They had what were basically long empty corridors connecting each area of the world.


Chees502 said:

I wonder what it would look like on screen if I spun the controller by the numchuk. Will have to try that.


Nintendo iQue said:

No online play SUCKS.

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Dylan said:

This is the best game ever! I am going to camp out the front of jb hi fi to get the Wii and Red Steel.


DarkVic said:

It's good to be reassured about the controls. Who knows how great it'll be.


Wii Worshiper said:

Oh my god this is such a good game.


FoolKilla said:

Awesome, I knew they'd add a sensitivity option. Now with promised load times practically 0.5 seconds, nothing can go wrong.

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