Red Steel music MP3s

Red Steel music MP3s

Some tasters of what to be expected for Red Steel's music have been released in the form of two mp3 files. First up is "Jpop", an upbeat number with clumsy lyrics. Secondly a better, more atmospheric song titled "Choir".


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elephant.stone said:

Interesting. I'm not sure how Jpop will fit into the game. Probably the backing song for a night club?


Chees502 said:

Sweet, first game I know to release teaser music.


Wii-Worshiper said:

Jpop was awful but the choir was pretty cool.


cubeboy101 said:

Choir is the usual tune played on Red Steel trailers, I like it.


Darunia106 said:

Choir reminds me of the music played at the end of Matrix Revolutions and the Darth Maul duel music from Star Wars Episode 1. It's really cool.


JB Dark said:

I'd like to hear music on the Wii!


Zapman said:

I think the J-Pop one was supposed to be somewhat awful, one would imagine it will be playing in an area where you are tearing through the bad guys, or something like that.


Ablex said:

Good thing there will be the sound of guns blaring over the music.


Epsilon said:

Yeah, if J-Pop is coming from a radio in the game, I WILL shoot the source ASAP. It seems even more clumsy to me, due to the fact that I speak a moderate level of Japanese. If it was the music alone without lyrics, it would be much better. As for a setting, I agree on the night club or maybe a setting somewhere in Akihabara or Tokyo. Choir however sounds MUCH better. It seems more like background music for a cutscene or maybe the beginning of the game.


Gam3r_with_revenge said:

I think Zapman has the idea that song was different.


Random Nobody said:

Choir is used in boss fights, J-Pop is used in some firefights, and it fits in pretty well, still pretty stupid though.

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