Red Steel sequel likely

Red Steel sequel likely

Red Steel publishers Ubisoft have posted a job offer on their french website. The job description requires a senior game designer for work on "the continuation of the Red Steel project", implying a second game could be on the cards.

Red Steel has not been well received so far and is generally dubbed a mediocre game with wasted potential. Hopefully a sequel could put things right.

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i need a wii...eww said:

Well, red steel looks good and I'm getting it hopefully about a week after I get my Wii, but a sequel would be fine by me.


Insrt Wii pun here said:

I personally love red steel, I think it could have done better and I had expected more. But it was definitely a cool shooter to start the Wii off. The sequel should hopefully fix the major problems.


Elementrat said:

Red Steel is by far the prettiest looking game for the Wii so far. The developers really took advantage of the Wii's hardware in a way no other developer. I was REALLY looking forward to Red Steel until I heard everyone's opinions of the control scheme. I can't believe how much work they put into the visuals and not the basic essentials like a good control setup. Hopefully Ubisoft Paris can wrong this right by creating a sequel in which the controls are easy to pick up and play, resemble a more traditional FPS, and get good reviews. Good luck Ubisoft Paris, I'm really looking forward to a Red Steel Sequel. Please don't disappoint me again.


cmk said:

Perhaps a ds sequel? I kind of hope. Though I'd like a good shooter for the Wii too.


fijianwiigamer31 said:

They need to put some blood in this game!


Nightmare said:

Red steel isn't being well received yet my favorite Uk Ninty magazine Ngamer gave it a pretty high score and said it was a great game. I am like what the. I still have to wait 8 days until I can get my hands on a Wii.


JON said:

I think Red Steel has been underscored by a lot of people impatient over the learning curve involved.


Wii-Worshiper said:

This could be good for FPS on the Wii, because now Ubisoft Paris know what they did wrong. They now know how people like the game so this gives valuble time to fix it. The control scheme for Red Steel was pretty bad but give Ubisoft some credit, they did bring many fun and enjoyable games to the Wii. They brought 7 games. I look forward to the sequel.


Ekaj185 said:

This game was OK, but I was hoping for it to be more fun than I actually was. But, the graphics were GREAT but obviously the sequel will be better (not just in graphics).


Master Foot said:

The sequel should fix whatever problems that they had with the controls. Don't give up on them just yet. Why call it Red Steel and there's no blood!? Gang life is bloody and violent so Ubisoft better get the censors off their back.


Econo said:

I got the "first" one and I love it, couldn't put it down! It was so fun so don't let all those negative comments stop you from buying it, or at least renting it. I really hoping for a sequel.

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mike said:

I've spent a few hours on Red Steel and I can control it well. Clearly the game was an experiment on how to make FPS control with the Wii's new control, and I think it was mostly a big success. Minus the sword fighting sequences. I have honestly never enjoyed playing a FPS as much as I have using the Wii-Mote. It is exceedingly satisfying to be able to point and shoot someone without having to push the stick over to him. At my job, I get to watch people try and play red steel for the first time, and I find that 9 out of 10 people need more than 10 minutes with the control to get it down, and about 6 out of 10 people give up before getting it down. Looking forward to red steel II if it's on the Wii.


Wii_fan1010 said:

This game was amazing and I got very into the whole storyline.


BlankZero said:

From the reviews I've read, nobody's had much of a problem with the controls. The worst scoring reviewers actually said that the controls were great, at least for the shooting segments and I tend to agree. The sword portions weren't nearly as responsive, but the fps segments were brilliant. MY problem, and that of the aforementioned reviewers, is that the storyline was miserable, the voice-acting was horrible and the overall presentation of the game just sucked. Basically, my view of Red Steel is that it is a good shooter with a great take on the type of control scheme possible on the Wii, but packaged in a horrible game. Could I have skipped any of the cutscenes, I would have. Pretty much the ONLY thing I enjoyed was the shooting. The menu interface was clumsy and the style of the game was offset by a lack of continuity. The comic-style scenes were good in a stylistic sense but they were accompanied by bad voice-actors stumbling through awkward dialogue, they presented a story that could have been told better by a three-year-old. This manga style didn't show up anywhere else, from the bland pause menu to the bland industrial settings to the gaudy, confusing start menu. If they had stuck with the comic style for the entire game, I think it could have been much more impressive. All in all, Red Steel has a few good spots that are virtually covered in the crap that most of the game consists of. Oh, well. I'll be looking forward to a shooter that can take what Red Steel did right, and put it into a decent game. Maybe Red Steel II will do the trick. We'll see.


WiiTard said:

This game was the worst of all games out for the Wii. I could not stand the horrible aiming and controls and the storyline was not too good either.

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PHiRE said:

BlankZero you seem to know what you're talking about, maybe you should write some reviews!


WiiFoolFoLife said:

I personally found Red Steel to be a good game. I feel they could up the AI a little bit and do something about the tacky transitional sequences.


coleslaw said:

The sword fighting was the best part. The guns controls weren't too great, but you can get used to them. I also definitely agree with blood. It's called red steel for gods sake.


coleslaw said:

Well I do agree with blankzero too, especially about the voice acting. I also agree with the fact the sword fighting wasn't very responsive. But on the other hand the gun fighting was nothing to brag about. You can get the same kind of thing on duck hunt. And I forgot to mention AI. From what I played. The AI was not bad at all. Now I hated the cut scenes with the comic stuff I'm hoping they get rid of that if there is another one. Oh and wiitard this wasn't worst game unless you like junk like open season and ice age 2.


The JoJo of Pie said:

Red Steel was one of my first games on the Wii and definitely one of the best. I found the controls very easy to use and the gun battles were especially fun. The downside for me was the sword fights, I found them boring and lacking in skill, the best tactic for most sword battles is simply to wave the katana around as fast as you can! But apart from that it is a great 1st person shooter, I'm definitely getting the sequel.

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