Activision to offer free GH3 replacements

Activision to offer free GH3 replacements

Some Wii owners have been disappointed with the audio output of Guitar Hero 3 in mono. Activision is working on the problem and will be offering free replacement discs in 2008.

Spokeswoman at Activision, Rhy-Ming Poon (no joke, that's her real name!!) commented:

"We recently became aware that some consumers have not been able to enjoy the full audio output in the Nintendo Wii version of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. We're currently working with Nintendo and are planning to issue an improved audio experience in the game's future versions".

"We expect to have remastered discs available by early 2008 and will be offering consumers replacement discs at no cost when they become available".

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i need a wiieww said:

The name has to be some sort of joke that the parents made, were they drunk when she was born?


DragonFoxCoon said:

Sweet. I don't remember the last time, if there was one, when a game company offered free replacements for buggy software.


Nintendoof said:

Really? Rhy Ming Poon made me laugh.


TechnoM said:

Ouch! Good luck Activision.


wiicloud9 said:

Good deal. Not a fan, but fans deserve better, especially in sound quality.


The Yoshi Guy said:

Just wanted to know something. People who own Xbox 360s or PS3s know that there is a downloadable pack that let's you play boss battles on every mode instead of just career (and I mean that when you're not playing on Career, you're battling per se, you play the whole compilation yourself). Are they planning on including that also?


The Luigi Guy said:

Yeah, you're right about the single player boss battle songs. Would have been cool if it was in ps2 also. They thought of that a little too late. And anyways, how do you even get the replacement?

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