More Resident Evil for Wii

More Resident Evil for Wii

As revealed by the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, Capcom are hoping to appease Wii gamers with a new Resident Evil title. Described as a direct sequel to Umbrella Chronicles, this one is called Resident Evil: Dark Side Chronicles.

Again, it's an on-rails shooter. The action takes place in Raccoon City, where things have gone awry thanks to the dastardly T-Virus. Some scenarios from Resident Evil 2 are reenacted, with players taking control of Clare Redfield and Leon Kennedy.

Development is being handled by Cavia, the same guys who made Umbrella Chronicles. This time they're using the Havok engine, supposedly allowing for more realistic physics. No release date is known at the moment.

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Diddy Kong Lover said:

Yes, I loved UC and RE2, a mix would great.


wiiboy101 said:

Saturation of overly casual, now a saturation of rail shooters, insane. Capcom res evil 4 Wii outsold chronicles, so you make another on rails shooter. Whatever Capcom, just die.


MediumBlueMetallic said:

Yeah, I have to agree, with Resident Evil 4 outselling Umbrella Chronicles, even though it was a remake of a previously-released game, Capcom should have thought twice about making another on-rails shooter. Sure, UC was fun, but a reworked Wii-version of RE5 would have made me, and most other Wii players much, much happier.


hellen skellen said:

I'm very disappointed. I love res evil but hate rail shooters. This is another res evil game I won't be buying. I loved res evil 4.


jeff said:

To hell with umbrella chronicles and capcom and rail shooters. It's a shame what they have done to resident evil on the Wii platform.

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carlos said:

Well I don't know about some of you, I liked Umbrella chronicles. It helped new RE players to understand the story behind resident evil4. I started with RE4, (i wasn't much of an RE fan, due to that I never had a gamecube to play the games on), went on umbrella chronicles, and then started to look for the original RE games. The first person shooter game wasn't as bad as others that have been around such as RE survivor (ps1 game). Resident Evil umbrella chronicles, in a sense isn't a bad game, and they did it to get new players into the RE genre. At least, that's what I believe happened.


L'il Jessy said:

You guys are nuts. You should be pleased they're releasing another rezzie title seeing as re6 won't be released for another 4-8 years. You got a problem with rail-shooters and Capcom then why don't you try to make a resident evil game and see if it becomes anywhere near as successful as theirs. So shut it.

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