Rockstar on board with the Wii

Rockstar on board with the Wii

Breaking news, game giants Rockstar have confirmed support for Nintendo! The creators of the infamous GTA games issued a press release stating Manhunt 2 would be available on Wii.

So it's not GTA, but it does represent a leap of progress. And if you had to pick a game to single handedly take out big N's so-called "kiddie" image, this would be a strong contender (the original Manhunt was controversially violent).

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mr ssbb said:

First the godfather then scarface, now manhunt 2! Nintendo is losing the kiddie image more and more every day. I love it.


Bob Dole said:

Sweet. I love bloody and rampage games like gta and it's on the Wii.


SAVAGE said:

About time Nintendo got some more backup. We need more 3rd party games instead of just having our big guns mario, link and samus.


Ja-Mez said:

I've never played manhunt but if rockstar was able to create a game like GTA, this will surely be good. Probably not one I'd go for but that text up there is right.


Jason Pilcher said:

Heh, sounds cool.


Master Foot said:

Well it's not GTA, but it's a start. Nintendo and the kiddie image will be no more! ("The Omen" theme song plays!)


Koen van Beeck said:

What, we need to prove our point of Nintendo not being kiddy so often? Well, okay I guess.


joey24 said:



cmk said:

I'm glad that rockstar is here. If they can only make a Wii exclusive controversial gta, we can have people hating on the Wii for being too violent *sigh*.


Ekaj185 said:

Manhunt 1 got banned in New Zealand and I think Australia.


I need a wii... ew said:

Manhunt 1 got rockstar sued didn't it?


Gonzo said:

I don't really like Manhunt, I'm waiting for GTA.


matrixsurround said:

GTA all the way!

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