Brawl Rotation Mode

Brawl Rotation Mode

If you have more than four players wanting to play Super Smash Bros Brawl, the new Rotation Mode could come in handy.

Rotation mode lets you choose whether winners or losers get rotated out for the next people in the queue. Sadly this feature is limited to only 16 players, whereas most of us like to play Wii with at least 32 of our best friends hanging around the TV. Maybe next time.

Cool looking menu.

Clever, people will try to lose now.

No.5 is alive.

brb, I left the oven on.

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User comments


insultman911 said:

Cool, now more people can play.


asparaWIIgus said:

Sweetness. Rotation and Tourney. Lots of options for lots of peeps.


Nintendoof said:

I love this! Everyone followed me around at parties to play Melee, and now I don't have a problem. Thanks Sakurai.


Wii Freak said:

Sakurai really did think of everything.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Nice feature, but c'mon is this game only features? Add some new characters, bring back some old ones, remake old stages, introduce new or even 3rd party Final Smashes would be nice.


WiiNinja said:

Well, 16's good enough for me!


shadowwalker said:

I really don't understand why they make this. Humans have good enough minds to do this on their own. And it's not like it knows we're switching.


BrothaZ said:

I can honestly say as of today that the Smash Bros team has thought of absolutely everything! Yay.


Epsilon said:

This is interesting, but not exactly groundbreaking.


Quartz said:

That's a pretty good idea.


doglover said:

I don't have very many friends and my parents don't let me have anyone over so this doesn't help me much.


Sonic Phantom said:

When I saw the Rotation name on the DOJO site, I was thinking Neji Hyuga from Naruto.


reminder said:

If it rotates by loser out. How would the worst person at brawl in the group feel?

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