Cube making a comeback

Cube making a comeback

No not the GameCube, but Rubik's Cube! In a press release The Game Factory has announced Rubik's World is heading to the Wii and DS.

Rubik's World is a series of puzzle games, it claims to look and play like nothing else available on the market. The puzzles will involve things like creating 3D objects, navigating mazes and creating soundtracks.

Up to four players are supported and the Wii version will incorporate an online message board. Expect a Fall 2008 release.

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Wii Freak said:

So much for the gamecube.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Too bad it's not the GameCube, now how am I supposed to get in my DK Jungle Beat?

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Shadow said:

I hate when you do the misleading headline thing.


Wii Rox said:

Aww I thought for a second you were talking about cubivore.


DKX900 said:

Give me strength! I'm fed up of bad games that will never sell coming out on Wii. Having said that, I haven't seen any gameplay. But we'll see that in good time.


Wiipaw said:

Damn. I suck at rubics cube.


Ian C said:

I can only do one side.


flamic said:

I got my hopes up thinking it was the gamecube. You guys suck.


Zendalf said:

I feel like a dork saying this, but I can do the rubik's cube in under a minute.


SkullHydra said:

Zendalf. Man you're good. It would take me like a year (never) to be able to do that.

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