Come to Science Papa

Come to Science Papa

A new simulation game is scheduled to launch on Wii this Summer, and it's all in the name of science (papa).

Activision today announced Science Papa is heading to Nintendo Wii and DS in July. Using fundamentals from a wide variety of sciences as a base for fun, skill-based experiments, Science Papa sets out to turn living rooms into virtual laboratories that will fuel kids' curiosity.

David Oxford, Activision: "In Science Papa, we are taking real elements of science and allowing players the opportunity to interact with them in safe and creative ways. While the focus here is clearly family fun, the game can stimulate interest and discussion about science.

Screenshots are up on the Science Papa page.

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MrGuy said:

Cheap cooking mama cash-in?


albino said:

Sounds gay. Cooking mama looks it too. Please people, stop undermining the Wii by making these games.

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