Sea Monsters and Pinball

Sea Monsters and Pinball

Some more weekend box art. Here we have Sea Monsters, an underwater adventure inspired by National Geographic. Then there's Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection.

Where's Nessie? Better explace some explosives.

Pinball huh. Good god y'all.

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Scooby Jew said:

Man, I guess they think no idea is bad for the Wii since it's the Wii. Sure, the Wii makes the idea great, but that doesn't mean it's truly great. That might take a little while to understand, but the bottom line is: Pinball sucks and Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure looks like Turok: Underwater. Horrible game ideas, average box arts. That doesn't add up to much, in my opinion.

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Dave said:

For the second one, you're looking at Rudy, "the amazing mechanical man" from Funhouse-- quite likely the arcade game I've spent more hours on than any other. Rudy talks as you play, and his eyes mechanically follow the path of the ball. Pinball may not be played best on the Wii, or any console for that matter, but in a world where Pinball can be found in NO arcade any more, and where perhaps one of the best known manufacturers (Williams) no longer makes Pinball, this game does make sense and it will absolutely join my collection. Anyone who thinks it's "not much" clearly has never had the chance to enjoy a good Pinball machine like Funhouse.


Wiimaster said:

God damn when will developers see that the Wii has 500,000 of the same freakin titles? Sure a pinball Wii is great, but I don't want 50 different versions.


Master Foot said:

Wii has gone too casual. The derth of oddball titles is becoming a bit much.


DragonFoxCoon said:

Scooby Jew, don't you understand the concept of "casual gaming"? Some of the people who bought the Wii won't go near any of the major titles, like Twilight Princess or Smash Bros Brawl. Instead, they'll go for things WE won't go near, like this pinball game. This is why the Wii is selling so well. New gamers.


Fire Emblem Fan 14 said:

Pssh. Seriously I know. Too many.


divinity boy said:

Anyone get that the first caption is from Napoleon Dynamite? Yeah, where is our underwater ally.

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Nova said:

I feel like a lot of casual gamers just get movie games. Like finding nemo or open season or something worthless like that. It's because they know the movies so they can understand the games. But James Bond games or DE BOM.

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