Sega bringing Bleach to the US

Sega bringing Bleach to the US

Sega officials have revealed that the company plans to release a pair of games based on the anime series Bleach in the US, one for Wii and the other on DS.

The Wii's outing is to be called Bleach: Shattered Blade (hope it can be mended). Sega describe the game as a cel-shaded 3D fighter with an original storyline created especially for it.

Expect 32 playable fighters, some of which need to be unlocked along the way. Interestingly, the storyline will have different perspectives, depending on which fighter you're using.

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Master Foot said:

MK Armageddon made good use of the wiimote, so let's see how Sega does. Goomba should know better.


wiimaster said:

Looks fairly decent.


Fire Emblem Fan 14 said:

Yes! Can't wait for its release date.


JosephTheSquirrel said:



Gamefreak said:



Hey said:

Yes! Anime Fanboy powers, go! Zangetsu!


deathly wiizard said:

"haa I've got bleach in my eyes" says gomba. Well the anime is ok, another only on Wii game?


TheMetroid said:

Wow. Cool! This is what I have been waiting to hear. I love the anime series so let's get the game out asap. This is definitely a buy.

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Nova said:

Noah Of Nintendo Bunker better not show up.


Name123 said:

Yes, finally! I love BLEACH.


Kareshi is Black said:



Crimson Hawk said:

LOL on the pic. I think NONB will never show up here again. YES!

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