Senior Wiitizens day

Senior Wiitizens day

Here are some shots from a Senior Fitness Day event held by the Carter Burden Center for the Aging, promoting physical and mental activities for the old folks.

On hand was Wii Sports, and Brain Age 2 for the DS handheld.

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David k said:

Lmao at the bottom pic, love it.


Master Foot said:

Grandpa Goomba.


BonbonJoe said:

Goomba's not aging well.


wiiguy said:

They're really old.


Scooby Jew said:

What's cooler than a 1337 old person? I argue that nothing is. There might be a few exceptions, but generally speaking: 1337 oldies > All.


Gonzo said:

Wii For All.


Elebot said:

Oh yeah. Those pictures just made my day.


insultman911 said:

Wii's great. It helps you exercise. Great thing to say to parents so they'll get you the Wii. The portables teach hand-eye coordination, so the grannies have cat-like reflexes.


divinity boy said:

I'm not sure whether goomba drank the prune juice or is a prune!


n00BhUNTER0 said:

My granny own3d her.


DragonFoxCoon said:

Nintendo's master plan is running smoothly. Soon, everyone will own either a DS or a Wii. Then, Japan will flip a switch and make us all mindless zombies, and they will rule the world! Did Brain ever think of that? Pinky probably held him back.


Nintendoof said:

P0wned! Or however you say that.


smashdodo said:

Wii can do anything, but for the PS3 all they do is large CRAP.


TruBlu said:

This is why I love the Wii. PS3 could never let our cherished seniors have any fun. Thanks Nintendo.

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