Snowboarding with Shaun

Snowboarding with Shaun

Earlier today, Ubisoft confirmed that Shaun White, Olympic Gold Medalist and 8 time X-Games gold winner would put his name to a snowboarding title on Wii - that name namely being the name Shaun White Snowboarding namely name name. Ubisoft's Tony Key spoke:

"Shaun White Snowboarding will turn all of the traditional ideas and experiences of past action sports titles upside down. The combination of Ubisoft's innovative approach and the influence of Shaun's lifestyle and perspective make this gaming experience like no other".

This is a multi-platform effort, the Wii's version being built from scratch and will offer support for the Wii Balance Board. Some screens are already up on the game's page.

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Wiipaw said:

Woah. For a second there, I thought you meant Shaun Rider, the guy who spoke in, and played the music video for, Dare. You know the one. "Neva did no harm, neva did no harm. It's Dare.".


Diddy Kong Lover said:

It's going to hafta try hard to beat SSX.


Master Foot said:

Hypothetically, the Wii version should be the definitive and the best version.

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