Shields and Dodges in Brawl

Shields and Dodges in Brawl

It's a double whammy of Super Smash Bros Brawl updates from Sakurai today. He shows us the art of using shields and dodging.

Using your shield to block attacks is an important technique, but the more blows it takes, the smaller it will get. In the end it might break down entirely.

Kirby is that you?

Shields at 0%, time to die.

More importantly, you can use the control stick for dodging. There's a few maneuvers you can make:

  • Down - Sidestep.
  • Back - Backward roll.
  • Forward - Roll dodge to get behind your enemy.

Skip to my Lou.

Everybody was kung-fu fightin'.

Time to kick some back.

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User comments


Super King said:

Man, Samus has huge.. tracts of land.


ssbbssbbssbb said:

Everybody was kung fu fighting! Cool, now you can do a sidestep along with a backflip and frontflip.


insultman911 said:

I guess that's okay, but we all already know that.


DSpwner said:

Sweet, can't wait to slip behind someone and own them.


Zumwan said:

The sidestep was already there since Melee.


Peter said:

Here's hoping for wavedashing.


man with cap said:

Love super kings monty python reference there. Always nice for a double update, but we already knew this really.


world wide wii said:

Nice super king. I bet monthy pyton will be on your door soon with a couple of lawyers complaining about you breaking copyright law.


Scooby Jew said:

Same thing from Melee. Even level 1's used that technique. You'd have to be a complete asshole to not know how to do that.


dec3issofaraway said:

Could Sakurai show more stuff that we DON'T know?


kareshi is black said:

It's funny you guys know about the Word Skip To my Lou.


BonbonJoe said:

Nice Monty Python Quote, Super King.


Master Yoshi said:

Liking the goomba.


EDD said:

The dodges really help in melee.


Dox said:

Yeah, I've been wondering about wavedashing too Peter.

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