Fun Fun Minigolf

Fun Fun Minigolf

Shin'en Multimedia has revealed they're working on a minigolf game for WiiWare. You may remember them from such hits as "Maya the Bee", and "Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends".

Fun! Fun! Minigolf boasts 27 holes to play, 9 from each of the following continents:

  • America
  • Asia
  • Europe

The game is said to include multiplayer options as well as single player, and is 'suited for all ages' (isn't that always the case with minigolf?).

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User comments


insultman911 said:

I suck at the golf on wiisports so tough chance I might get this game.


hbh said:

Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends? I love that game.


Nintendoof said:

Why is it always minigolf? Why not EXTREME golf?


luwiigi said:

Not if it's strip-mini-golf.


Master Foot said:

Fun Fun Minigolf is extreme to the MAX.

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