Shinobu playable in Desperate Struggle

Shinobu playable in Desperate Struggle

Some further details on No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle have slipped out in the latest issue of Nintendo Power magazine.

Shinobu (pictured), a character from the original NMH, will be playable in some segments of the sequel. She has greater speed than Travis and can jump more effectively.

Furthermore, the game's creator Suda51 says he's hoping to include up to 50 boss battles.

"We didn't just want you to be fighting them as the same character over and over. By allowing the player to use a different fighter we can change up the tempo and offer more surprises".

Are you desperate to get a hold of this game, or do you simply say "no more"?

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Monkeylemur said:

Hoooly. 50?! wow.


YoshLee said:

I like the direction they're taking NMH. A wide variety of playable characters and bosses will definitely increase it's life span.


Jettwinlock said:

Also Travis will pilot a mech. I heard though this will be the last NMH on the Wii, if this means they will wait for Wii 2.0 or if they will just try another system will just have to wait and see.

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