Autopilot in more Nintendo games

Autopilot in more Nintendo games

The autopilot mode we talked about being in New Super Mario Bros Wii, will also feature in other games according to a report by Nikkei.

Referred to as "Skip Functionality", it will allow the player to pause the game and select a menu option to turn on automated play. It's claimed that Nintendo plan on using this feature in action games on both the Wii and DS handheld. They hope that it will stop players getting frustrated and quitting out, allowing them to experience the full game.

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insultman911 said:

How do you experience the full game if there's autopilot? You WATCH the game, not experience it. Getting frustrated is better than the "it's just a game" attitude. The people who quit out are bound to go back and play sometime later. The people who think it's just a game will probably sell it on ebay right after the first level. Better grab a bag of chips.

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Nova said:

I can't really see this as a completely bad thing. It should just encourage the more casual gamers to try out the more hardcore Nintendo games, knowing that they can get bailed out when it gets too tough. For me and many of you, it should make no difference whether this feature is in existence or not.


LT13 said:

It's just an option, you don't have to use it.


Supersmashdodo said:

If you were really are a hardcore gamer then you shouldn't be even using this option. And besides Nintendo has already stated this in the new super mario bros Wii article so it's pretty much old news to me.


Darunia said:

Not even going to use it. I bet I'll find my sister open a file and just watch the game pass by.


MediumBlueMetallic said:

I feel like there should be a middle ground. I think that the game should show you how to pass a difficult area, but I think that it should then be up to the player to duplicate the moves shown on the screen, the game shouldn't simply skip that area. There have been times when I couldn't locate a trivial object that was integral to moving forward in a game, and it would have been nice for the game to show me where to find said object (ex, a key), but I wouldn't necessarily want to skip finding it on my own. I'd just like to be shown how every now and then.

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