Project Aces flight game on Wii

Project Aces flight game on Wii

Project Aces, the developers of the famous Ace Combat series are now working on a Wii title called Sky Crawlers.

Good news for flight fans, since the Ace Combat games are critically acclaimed. On the down side (perhaps), Sky Crawlers is based on a movie.

This new title is expected to release around August in Japan. Dates for other regions currently unknown.

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Jonny said:

What the hell? Spiders on a plane?


Keranu said:

Is it a Wii exclusive?


wiimaster said:

Based on novel.


Quartz said:

Spiders on a plane.


wiiboy101 said:

Graphics are lush and controls look sweet.


aman said:

I'm sick of these mother****ing spiders on this mother****ing plane.

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