Sonic the Hedgehog (Needlemouse) on WiiWare

Sonic the Hedgehog (Needlemouse) on WiiWare

Some big news for Sonic fans, Sega's 2D revival game previously codenamed Project Needlemouse is coming to WiiWare. Its proper title is Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, leading us to believe it will be episodic in nature.

This new foray into the world of Sonic will run at 480p and will use motion controls in some areas. Here's a trailer:

Could this be Sonic's long overdue return to form?

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Phil said:

Wow. It looks decent, but is it me or does '2010 Sonic' look slightly slow.


YoshLee said:

I sure hope Sonic Team has finally gotten it together. Graphically wise the environments look remarkably pretty for a downloadable game, at least from what I saw in the video. Let's hope the gameplay is as well.


wiiboy101 said:

Exactly what I said it was, a hyped project BIRD-MANNING Nintendo S 2D SUCCESS WITH MARIO turns out I was dead on. I didn't expect it on Wii, remember it was hyped as project niddlemouse HD. I'll get mario first then I'll download this one day.


WeAreTheFez said:

The music is unfittingly epic.


Nintendoof said:

He does look slower. But still, I think this is the step in the right direction for Sega. MAKE HIM FASTER.


SonicTheHedgehog said:

ALRIGHT, I'm back in action.


Son Ninja said:

I don't care much about the visual look of this game as long as the game plays as close to those of the Genesis Sonic games.


Yoshi-1up said:

Well, everything after Sonic Adventure 2 was a disaster. (besides secret rings) But I doubt that this will be good. Ok, it's side scrolling again but with crappy 3d tween animations. There better be momentum again, where you actually get faster and faster, that's why the old games felt great. They came out with a game called "Sonic the Hedgehog"(2006) which was a disgrace, hopefully this won't add to that.

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Mario said:

I hope Sonic fails.

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AlexKidd said:

I'm excited. Now when are they going to bring me back?


Carnell G said:

I have no idea why so many people hate Sonic games too much. If they knew how to play them right without wasting too many lives on 1 stage, they'll be alright saying it's a good game to play. All you have to do is use Basic Common Sense to get pass the stages & boss fights. I say Sonic is just the same as Mario games. If you know how to play Mario, you should know how to play Sonic. I hope the developers keep the game play like Sonic Rush have cause being able to use a button that let's players run at the upper most fastest is the way I like to play. Sonic was never made to go slow period. Making him go slow just because people can handle the speed is a big waste of time doing this project. I can go on forever talking about folks who hate Sonic games but this isn't what I had in mind to talk about & have Hate Mail coming my way. I really do like how Sonic 4 is being made staying with its original roots & realistic backgrounds & picking up right where Sonic 3 & Sonic & Knuckles left off. I hope you can play this game with others characters like Tails & Knuckles & I hope it have Offline 2-player splitscreen Adventure & Vs. Mode & Online 2-player Adventure & Vs. Mode. Also, give each character their own story modes. I pray to God this isn't too much to ask for & I thank you for your time in reading upon this comment of mine. I can't believe these Sonic haters thought Sonic would die this easily but with fans like us around, it's not going to happen anytime soon. Sega & Sonic All-Star Player & a huge fan of Sonic Carnell G. Signing Out.


Fox said:

I wish the best of luck to Sonic the Hedgehog 4 and I hope it succeeds enough that fans stop complaining for once and for all. I also hope to get a chance to play this game somehow, too.

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