Sonic Riders 2

Sonic Riders 2

The Japanese box art for Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity has been revealed.

In recent times the blue blur has been seeing a rough decline in Japan, who knows how this will fare.

Sonic's eyes are bigger than his shades.

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Zendalf said:

Loser. Good thing sonic is in brawl or sega could be toast.


Wii Freak said:

I never played the gamecube verion.


TinyBoy said:

Is this game online? Just asking because of the wi-fi logo.


kareshi is black said:

Nice boxart, hope the game is as good as the first one.


Sonic Phantom said:

I don't care what anyone says. Sonic will live forever regardless of what Japan are saying. I'm buying this game. End of story. As for the art, it's cool. Just like Sonic. Wii's World, would you stop bringing up that Sonic has had bad times lately? Please.


Nintendoof said:

I spy Wi-Fi! I'm still not getting this game though. I was pretty disappointed with the first one. Who knows? The intuitive Wiimote could give it an advantage.


insultman911 said:



Ultigonio said:

Whoaaa, it's got lotsa' colors.


DragonFoxCoon said:

Hey look. The WiFi logo. I'd be more interested if I didn't find the controls frustrating.


wiicloud9 said:

Looks really nice.


Peach is #1 said:

Any game that doesn't have Peach in I won't get, except maybe Pokemon and RPG games (games where you can level up and storyline).


WiiNinja said:

This ought to prove worthy. Although Mario Kart for Wii is coming in march. At least both have Wi-Fi.


DJ said:

Here's hoping this will be a good follow up to a decent first game. It's a pretty box anyway! I really don't know why lots of people hate the first game, I personally thought it was very good.


Pie said:

This game is going to be sweet, especially once I get a Wii Wheel (either official or a 3rd-Party). First game was pretty good too, only problem was it was annoying to get those jumps on the flying types a lot.


Nashii said:

Well I like Jet so I may buy it, plus on the other hand the controls could be interesting. All the Sonic game storylines (excluding SA1/2b) are crap. But I did like the gameplay of the last one. Very pretty box art.


Arem177 said:

I enjoyed the first game, so this one has some good goings for me with its new Gravity-related moves.


Livi said:

I just got a Wii for Christmas and have this game preordered! I love how Sonic's eyes are coloured in this. Such a pretty shade of Emerald. It seems different.


Knuckles said:

Sonic is the best.

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Dakota said:

Sonic is the fastest thing alive.

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