Sonic Wild Fire videos

Sonic Wild Fire videos

Two new videos for Sonic Wild Fire have become available. The videos show a good length of in-game footage, check them out below.

Video 1 (4.83MB)

Video 2 (5.07MB)

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Blaze said:

This is like the same for the ones for ps3 and xbox360.

I hope it is the same so this 1 has the other charecters!


quartzlcc said:

It's not the same, but it'll still kick major arse. YAY! This game will rock, I can't wait! ^^


Ba-bing said:

Dude, can't you tell that it's different? The sonic in this version looks extremely different from the ps3 and 360 one.


SSBB FAN said:

It's still cool!


Ja-Mez said:

For some reason when I watched it it was inverted colours.


Unknown said:

This game is different to the one on 360 and ps3.


Joe Teh Laugh King said:

Even though the videos were short, I don't think the game looked that interesting. Like do we know if there's going to be anything else to do like side-missions? In Sonic Adventure Battle 2 and DX directors cut they had the Chao gardens.


Wii Freak said:

I'm going to get this game!


doglover said:

That looks like Secret Rings.

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