Space Station Tycoon blasting onto Wii

Space Station Tycoon blasting onto Wii

Bandai Namco have announced that a new title is on its way to the Wii. Space Station Tycoon will launch (pun-tastic) later this year and is under development by Wahoo Studios (sounds like a fun place to work).

Wahoo are also responsible for the similar game "Outpost Kaloki X" on XBox Live Arcade, but the upcoming Space Station Tycoon for Wii is not a port and is being built from the ground up.

The game has you creating and maintaining space stations, keeping a close eye on profits in order to develop further. According to Wahoo a humorous plot and a cooperative mode (always welcome) will feature, while they're also looking to include Wiiconnect24 functionality if possible. Players will only use the Wiimote, no nunchuk action required.

Transport Tycoon
Anyone remember this old chestnut?

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Wii Freak said:

I might get that game.


Tantheman35 said:

I remember playing rollercoaster tycoon for PC, that was great. But, I think they are going to have to spice this one up a bit to get me to buy it.


Master Foot said:

Space Station Tycoon? What's next? It would be cool if aliens visit the space station.


SeAmNiNjA said:

Wow I hated outpost kalik (or however you say it) with a passion and it is pretty much the same concept as this game. Come on Wii, high school musical now this, let's get some nice shooters. Let's hope for red steel 2 everyone.


itstimetoplaydawii said:

Are you kidding me? I don't see this game going very far. They should make a Roller Coaster Tycoon for the Wii!


Scooby Jew said:

The Wii just keeps getting better and better. No complaints here.


Elementrat said:

I think the Wii could be a good home for RTS, but I'm still holding out for a war game.


Gonzo said:

How many new titles are coming to the Wii? Wow!


R2D2 said:

They should make Zoo Tycoon on Wii!


WII said:

I think it might be like sim city or something.

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