Early Spyborgs videos

Early Spyborgs videos

Some early videos from Spyborgs have been made available by publishers Capcom showing off the design work and some cutscenes.

How do you feel about the art style? And would pirates really pwn ninjas? Food for thought.

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asparaWIIgus said:

Ninjas pwn pirates so much.

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Nova said:

I hope capcom does a better job with textures. I don't really see the point of this game. Is it an action adventure? Or what?


Step said:

Yeah, the pirates would never even know what hit them. Also, anything with skyboarding, and mentions of pirates and ninjas, is either TOTALLY AWESOME or completely pandering and lame. Hope it's the first one.


Anon said:

What?! Apparently Bionic Games dmca-ed all these videos. Here I am, a potential customer, wanting to view a commercial that somebody created for their game free of charge, and I can't because of copyright. Way to ruin your own business, Bionic Games, I'll go buy games from somebody else.


Wii's World said:

It may be because they ended up going with a completely different art style than what was shown in these early videos.

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