Brawl's Coin Launcher game

Brawl's Coin Launcher game

You might be wondering how you use the coins you collect in Super Smash Bros Brawl. Well the prize dispensing machine seen in Melee is history, in its place we've got the Coin Launcher game.

You take control of a canon at the bottom of the screen, firing coins at all oncoming enemies. Trophies and stickers can be won here. If you get hit by a missile your coin count will take a dive.

It's not Axelay, but it'll do.

All quiet on the northern front.

You've chomped your last chain.

Who's that guy??

Incoming at one o' clock.

Return of the ugly ducklings.

You sunk my battleship.

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User comments


Kenny said:

I dunno whether to be annoyed about this update.


Wii Freak said:

I keep thinking that there are no more game modes. But I was wrong.


chris said:

Yes this ssbb game is going to last a whole long time.


pichu fan said:

No more of the trophy lottery, looks cool. Now we're getting updates about trophies. I like the chomper.


EDD said:

I wonder why they didn't put the chain chomp trophy in melee.


doglover said:

I think I like this better. Well at least you'd be playing a game.


Aeth said:

1ST PIC: I have no idea what the first trophy is, it kind of looks like a gold armoured Star Warrior like Meta Knight. I can't identify the smaller trophy next to it either. 5TH PIC: Everyone knows that's a Chomp Chomp. 6TH PIC: That Trophy is Zoda and his Death Anchor from F-Zero (Captain Falcon's home series). 7TH PIC: That's Phyllis & Pelly from Animal Crossing. 8TH PIC: And then we have Medli, Tortimer and Bob-omb. All in all good update as we found out what the coins are used for (and they're used in a pretty cool way).

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Juan said:

I think the guy in the first pic is from Kirby, He's Sir Somthing, and gives Kirby cutter ability.


SuperMatt said:

Now, even getting TROPHIES will be fun.


DKX900 said:

Juan is right. It's Sir Kibble, first appearing in Kirby's Adventure giving him the cutter ability.


Smash Champion said:

Yeah, it does look like that guy from Kirby.


Aeth said:

Okay, found out what the first trophy of the Kirby looking character is: Sir Kibble. He's an enemy like Juan said.


Dark Star said:

I love the quibble that Sakurai used about using the coins. This is going to more fun collecting trophies.


DragonFoxCoon said:

There's also the Bunny Hood from Melee. I always have that turned off, so I don't care if it's in or out. As for the mode itself, freakin' sweet.


Nintendoof said:

1st one is definitely that cutter guy from Kirby. I like this. It adds challenge to what seems to be a simple task, buying trophies.


Gina Beets said:

I love how this is more interactive and not just hoping you get something new by chance.


That one guy said:

It's okay. It reminds me of a game you would find in an arcade.


BrothaZ said:

1st is "Sir Something"? I guess. 4th and 5th pics are chain chomp 5th is Zoda and the Death Anchor.? then the 6th is phantom ganon from ocarina of time 7th is phyllis, pelly, and tortimer (all from animal crossing) and then the dragoon from the kirby air rider game and the gold thing. No idea what that is. 8th pic obviously has all shown then a bomb omb in the back. Who's good!


#1 Peach Fan said:

I like this update, very neat.


Hey said:

Reminds me of making figurines in the Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker.


hbh said:

Pow. Bang bang. KABOOOOM. Oh great Nintendo, creator of entertainment, bestow upon us this crown jewel that you have named SSBB.


bored said:

This looks WAY more fun than the lottery machine.

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