Taunts going on in Brawl

Taunts going on in Brawl

It's all about the taunts in today's Super Smash Bros Brawl update from Sakurai.

These taunts have nothing to do with combat, they just exist to show off and talk smack to your foes. Each fighter has three taunts available, you fire them off using the + control pad. You can attach a short message to each taunt as well.

Were you looking? I just did a cool move.

I can't afford to keep you any more.

What? All the tough guys do this.

Brown hair, black mustache? Something's amiss.


Sometimes I just like to burn myself.

Big W representin' into the new millennium.

This cape's seen better days.

Wanna buy my games??

I don't trust it either.

Less chat, more splat.

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User comments


#1 Peach Fan said:

Another one of those "We Already Knew" updates but still it's nice to see some new ones so I can't complain. Wario's hand taunt freaked me out this morning.


EDD said:

I don't understand fox's taunt. Damn I didn't know Wario had those big hands. I like Ike's taunt.


feb10isfartheraway said:

Yay. THREE taunts. And I was hoping for Link's signature sword sheathing in Twilight Princess.


goldseer said:

Nice captions.


Scooby Jew said:

I was getting tired of the same taunt for every occasion; this is going to be really cool and in my case pretty useful. I think I'm going to use one taunt for when I launch an enemy far, the second one for when I help a teammate kill somebody, and the third one for when (obviously) I kill somebody. God I can't wait for Brawl.


SSB4LIFE said:

Pretty cool update, lots of screenshots. I like it.


Aeth said:

Sonic: want to buy my games?! I guess this is a pun on the massive flop the Sonic games were in Japan. Anyway it's awesome that each one of them has 3 different taunts, adds variety.


Master Foot said:

There has to be a built in editor for obscene words, because I can imagine the crap that people will put on their taunts. Now that's a great sideboob. Heh, sideboob.


insultman911 said:

Taunts are cool. Look at wario's hands. There are only 4 fingers on each hand.


Nintendoof said:

He! I love Wario's. And NO Sonic.

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Nova said:

I have a feeling I will never use these.


Elebot said:

As a Link user, I couldn't be more happy to see his old taunt go and his one from the N64, plus other great ones, return. These make Smash Bros fun.


BrothaZ said:

Thank god they put in the SNAAAAAAAAKE thing for brawl. I wish you heard that every time he lost a life, that'd be funny.


Elliott said:

Ha, great captions, as always. Anyone catch the Kirby Anime reference?


1st day Wii owner said:

The Sonic one was funny.


RisingPhoenix said:

This is also a feature I've been wanting, along with the entrance. As I said before: Ike, yet again, is the coolest character the game has to offer. Too bad the comments can only be done via WiiMote. This is an AWEsome update.


Super King said:

Sideboob is classy.


Senpai said:

I came up with my messages for all of these. Except sonic, I hate him.


Hey said:

I always love Wii's World custom captions.


Zendalf said:

Zero suit samus--> Fox--> more like "kame-hame-HA!".


Cinderblock Man said:

Hey insultman911, can you count? I'm pretty sure that's 5 fingers. Anyways, this is cool! I love how they included a fairy as a taunt for link. Strange. And snake's and Ike's are awesome.


wiicloud9 said:

Can't wait to taunt people in battle.


insultman911 said:

I know all Mario's taunts. The up taunt is growing bigger just like the old days. The side taunt is taking off his hat, and his down is spinning and saying "ha!" (check out the sonic is in brawl video).


theykilledkenny said:

Wario: And what about this sideboob? This sideboob turn you on? Well, it shouldn't, that's my sideboob. Also, Scooby Jew, that is a great idea. You are a genius.


citoac said:

I had to laugh at the anime reference from Dedede and I have to agree with who wrote the Mario caption. Does Mario dye his mustache or his hair or what happened?


Block Dude said:

I'm tired of these useless updates. We could've already figured that out. It's about time they started revealing characters, or at least stages.


YoshLee said:

Block dude I got to agree with you, November's updates have not gone off on the right foot. Hopefully on Monday we'll get a whopping new character revealed.


pcamtz said:

"yo mama's ugly!" XD, it's even funnier because they are brothers.


Chiisaru said:

I can't wait to make all the taunts.


frogman said:

Well, I suppose Yoshi's first taunt would be the Yoshi Wave as it was in the last game. Judging by the videos, his second taunt could be that spinning tail/wave thing (in the video it looks like he's chasing his tail). I really have no idea what his third taunt could be.


Mario & Sonic said:

Mario: I never-a said yo mamma is-a ugly to-a Luigi. We have-a the same mother. Lemme guess, one-a of Luigi's taunts are kick. Sonic: HA.


wii addict said:

I think the camera should focus on link when he grabs something.


The Link said:

Does anyone know the limit of letters used for each taunt message?


jc said:

How do you put the messages in the taunts?


Plaugefiend said:

I think some people might get to carried away with taunts.


Gabe said:

How do you attach the messages to the taunts?

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