Star Fox Space Armada music in SSBB

Star Fox Space Armada music in SSBB

A piece of music called "Star Fox: Space Armada" unveiled today on the official Super Smash Bros Brawl blog.

This tune also featured in the original Super Smash Bros Melee but has been reworked. It was composed and arranged by Hajime Hirasawa and Kenji Ito respectively.

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Master Foot said:

That was one of my favorite stages in Starfox 1. For some reason Medium difficulty was harder than Hard.


Whiiz said:

What level was this on in SSBM?


DragonFoxCoon said:

Is it wrong of me to say that I like the Yoshi's Story music better?


Pescador Gama said:

I think the character that's going to be revealed this week is Yoshi.


KOOL-AID said:

Personally I think that you're right Pescador Gama, Yoshi will probably be revealed this week (thankfully) or Captain Falcon (sadly). But what does that have to do with the theme music to the Starfox stage?


smash fan x said:

No one cares about music so that's why we are talking about characters. Anyway I agree it's yoshi OR the goblin on the right of bridge of eldin in the video. Frankly they should include the stage and music as one update because the music alone is boring.


PP said:

I want Peach to be revealed this week. I don't think that captain falcon should be in the game, I don't like him (my opinion). They should also have a peach theme.


Epsilon said:

You don't want CF in the game!? I use him all the time, he's such a good character.


fox kloud said:

Awesome song. As you can tell I'm a HUGE FAN of starfox, my last name really is kloud.


TruBlu said:

I freaking love it! Hey smash fan x, what do you mean no one cares about the music? The composers in Brawl worked very hard to make this game sound beutiful, and leave a lasting impression on the players.

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